Friday, June 24, 2011

Naming Your Baby (aka: your new fashion blog)

Since starting my internship, I've came across over 150 successful fashion blogs. It's not always the content of a blog that gets people pondering, but what their name is going to be. So how do you come up with a great name for your blog? I have come up with a couple of formulas to help you get inspired with a name!

1. Verb ending in -ing + fun noun
Reflecting Wax Candles
Spinning Castle
Jumping Wooden Ships
Caging Tulips

2. Object and object
Blonde Hair and Lipstick
Ruffles and Cupcakes
Blue and Broadway (not objects, but you get it!)
Butterscotch and Acrylics

3. Combine another language & English
Le Blog de My Closet
El Style de Amanda
Stella y el fashion

Get inspired! I'm not trying to make fun of anybody: I love unique names, and a great name leads to a great blog. Good luck beyouties! xo

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