Friday, June 24, 2011

American Eagle Haul

American Eagle Outfitters just launched their Semi-Annual sale, and since here in New York, I work about a block down from a huge AE, I decided to check it out. I snagged some goodies, so go take a peek. :)

Well, we all know I have a crappy normal digital camera instead of an amazing Nikon or Canon that most fashion bloggers should have... But, I don't have the money for the kind of investment just yet. Thinking about saving money or possibly asking my boyfriend to skip Christmas and save money for my 21st birthday (next year). But, nevertheless, I did my best with what I have and the pictures didn't turn out all too bad. :)

Outfit 1:

 I seen this tank top right ($10, orig. $17.50) when I walked in and loved the summer feel I got from it. Not only is it purple and orange, really great summer colors, but the orange tie-dyes remind me of eating fruit on a hot summer day. 

The skirt on the other hand is something that I found just when I was about to check out. I literally have no flowy skirts - just tight, going out/business skirts. I've been dying for a maxi skirt or something that could be a summer staple piece so I could start wearing belts and playing up my wardrobe. The skirt was $30 (orig. $40)  but it was such a great investment for me. Plus, you can twirl in it. :)

Outfit 2:

I seen these shorts ($19.99, orig. $36.50) and they were amazing! I have been looking for camo shorts for me for such a long time, but I could never find them in stores anywhere. I got a 4, but needed a size 2 because it's way too big (which is weird because I'm always a 4 in AE). But, no 2s were left, so I had to deal with it. But the belt is cute :) (Thanks, Alex!)

The tank top is one I found next to the other ($10, orig. $17.50), and I love the color blocking combo and the looser fit. I have so many tight tank tops; loose ones keep you cooler and they look cute with just a bra, a sports bra/bandeau, or even a bathing suit top. I chose to tie mine to the side to help show off the belt.

And this is just me being a dork, but I got Adam that watch. He's been wanting a watch for a while now. I can't afford to get him a Fossil watch or a Rolex or anything nice, but this one can be played up as casual or professional depending on what you wear it with. Plus, it's easier to read since it's digital. ;) It even has a timer, seconds clock, and tells you what day it is. It wasn't on sale, but it was only $20 - not a bad buy to bring home to your boo! ;*

Be on the lookout for more hauls and outfits - I will soon be applying to be a Teen Vogue Fashion Blogger and will need all the outfits I can create and all the support I can get!

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