Monday, March 21, 2011

OOTD: Office Monday

I think I'm going to start doing Monday OOTD as an "Office Monday" theme with appropriate stuff to wear into the office.

Starting this, I'm kicking it off with a skirt outfit from Charlotte Russe. Enjoy!

Basic V-Neck Knit Tee, $7.50
Charlotte Russe

Satin Cargo Pencil Skirt, $26.50
Charlotte Russe
As if this isn't stressed enough, always be sure your dresses and skirts are long enough. Barely making it past your fingertips is not enough (unless you're going for the "sexy boss" look this Halloween). Looking sexy isn't what is going to raise your paycheck and can actually get you taken less seriously and possibly even fired.

Patent Pointed-Toe Pump, $24.50
Charlotte Russe
Be sure your shoes are always something you can bare to spend all day in. Invest in gel inserts and take the time to break them in before you're on your feet all day in them. Also, be sure that you know how you're going to feel while wearing them. I know that if I wear a platform pump, it can take me a couple of wear times to get used to the height and how to walk in them!

Long Woven Twill Scarf, $9.50
Charlotte Russe
A scarf can liven up a simple outfit so easily. Check out Michelle Phan's video on different ways to wear your scarves. She also just did one for silk scarves, which I am loving the one you wear with your hair!

What do you guys think? It seems a little safe, but with a fun scarf or another accessory, you can really stand out. Do you guys want to see more office looks every week? Let me know! Your opinions and ideas are important to me. xoxo

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