Monday, March 21, 2011

Cutting Back on Blogging :''( ... #snookiWAH

Alright, so within the next couple of weeks, I may reduce my posting. I'm going to try (unfortunately), but we'll see if I can fight the urge.

School is starting to crash on me. Within the next 6 weeks, I have...
  • 6-page single typed report on how Ferris State PR can increase it's enrollment.
  • Anthropology paper on relationships or something like that.
  • Anthropology project on what it means to turn sixteen in American culture.
  • 2 more Econ tests
  • A couple more Business Law exams and assignments
  • 2 more speeches to write and present
  • Intern Queen video project to start, make, edit, and submit by April 8.
  • A blog post for
  • Find a place to live in New York City this summer
  • Figure out what is going on with my Fall semester here
Oh, and still shower, find time to relax and sleep, eat, and hopefully blog. I hate being a quitter, but I'm really hoping that I do wind up cutting back temporarily so I make sure my GPA doesn't bite the dust. I'm hoping to get above a 3.0 this semester since Econ is starting to kick my butt, but if all goes well, I'm hoping to make the Dean's List again this semester.

For now, wish me luck, everyone. I'll be back, of course. I just need to manage my time more efficiently right now. :)

Love, Sam

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  1. Oh man, you sure are busy! Good luck with school...I agree, Economics kicked my butt back in college. I hated it!