Saturday, March 19, 2011

2011 Swimwear Faves!

It's finally time to go swimsuit shopping! It gets me so excited because I love the summertime and my favorite thing to do in my spare time is lay by my pool for a few hours to get some sun. This post is dedicated to my favorite suits and styles this season from Victoria's Secret, Alloy, and AMI Clubwear. I wanted to do Target since that's where I just bought a new suit, but their website doesn't really have a big selection of what they have in stores.

Let's get started!

Victoria's Secret
(All of these suits are currently on sale! Prices listed are sale prices.)

Favorite Bikini
I love this suit because I think the lingerie on the beach look is so sexy. And the polka dots and lacy lining is so cute. The straps are also removable for a strapless top if you'd like.

Favorite Bandeau
I love this swim combo because it's so different. The jeweled bandeaus are really taking over. Also, the bottoms are SO cute! I've never seen a print like that on a suit, and it's rare for me to see a somewhat mismatched bottom that still looks cute with the top.
Favorite Monokini

I know. My first reaction to this was "holy crap," too. But you have to admit, this suit is the definition of sexy one pieces. I think this suit would work for somebody with any chest size, not just the ones blessed with big twins, which is a big reason why I like it. Let's be honest, you'd feel like the sexiest chick on the beach with this.

Favorite One Piece
Baywatch is back, baby! This suit is great for anybody who doesn't want to show their tummy but who still want to show off their fabulous curves. The straps are also removable. Pam Anderson better watch out.

(All of these suits listed are on sale, too! Prices listed are sale prices.)

Favorite Bikini
Off The Map Sports Bra w/ matching bottoms $39.90/$35.90
Perfect for a beach volleyball game! This bikini gives you support for moving all around the sand. I love it!

Favorite Bandeau
The ruffle detail is so cute on this suit. The underwire in the top also adds a lingerie look, which I already mentioned that I love. This also has a removable strap, but I would probably wear is more as a bandeau top.

Favorite One-Piece/Monokini
Alloy doesn't have the best selection of one piece suits. But I love the color on this one! It's also cool that it's a cutout and a one shoulder piece.

AMI Clubwear
...If you guys have never been on AMI Clubwear, let me fill you in. It's mainly for finding clothes to wear to the club. Sex appeal is their game. A lot of the suits on the website would be good for those entering a bikini contest or going to a pool party or something - not really swimming. :)

Favorite Bikini
Blue Sequin Triangle Side Tie Two Piece Bikini $42.99
Okay, a big reason why I love this is because in Legally Blonde, in Elle's video essay, she wears a blue sequin bikini. "Oh, *giggle* Hi. My name is Elle Woods, and today, I'm going to tell you at Harvard why I'm going to make an amazing lawyer." But seriously, I love how the whole top is sequins. You'll glisten in the sun and are bound to catch an eye.
Favorite Bandeau
Camouflage Green Halter Bandeau Two Piece Bikini $34.99
I love camouflage bikinis. They say "Hey, I'm tough and sexy at the same time." I love this one because the orange really pops in it. This is currently sold out, but I'm hoping they'll restock it soon!
Favorite Monokini
I don't know why they decided to make the image all funny, but this suit is still SO cute. Probably my favorite monokini. It's so fun and colorful, and the loops and ties and jewels make it really detailed and sexy.
So what do you guys think of these suits? What suits did you buy for this season? I'd love to see, so please share!

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