Friday, March 18, 2011

OOTD: Friday Flower

If you guys haven't seen Rebecca Black's "Friday" yet, please watch it! I respect all musical artists, but this song is absolutely atrocious. It's like a train wreck: It's horrible to watch, but you want to watch it anyways.

Anyway, in the song she has a zipper mini-skirt. I liked it, so I found this adorable skirt from Wet Seal and rolled with it. I actually like the WS one better because I usually like tighter skirts for when I'm having fun, fun, fun, fun on FRIDAY! Enjoy!

Neon Rose Lace Tank, $13.80
Wet Seal

Banded Zip Mini Skirt, $18.80
Wet Seal

Open Side Pump, $26.80

Heart Trio Earring Set (this is just one pair out of the 3), $6.00
Wet Seal

Yep, there I went with the darn flowers again. O:). What do you guys think of this look, especially the skirt with the zipper in the front? 

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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