Friday, February 18, 2011

Review: Make Up For Ever HD vs. Revlon Photo Ready

I wrote a review on this on my tumblr about a week ago. Since then, my thoughts have completely changed.

A lot has been said that Photo Ready is identical to Make Up For Ever HD.

I thought the same. Until a couple of days ago.

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Make Up For Ever's foundation has never failed me before, and I've used two different kinds of their foundation. I have oily skin, and right when I spoke to a consultant at Sephora and told her I had oily skin and needed a good foundation, she went right to MUFE's shelves.

As mentioned in my other review, I totally loved MUFE HD. I just ran out a couple of weeks ago, but since I am a college student and I'm totally broke, I couldn't get more. I heard all about Photo Ready and how it was the drugstore, inexpensive version to MUFE HD. So of course, I ran out and got some.

After a couple of weeks of use, I thought the Photo Ready was awesome. The formula has great coverage (I have some redness and acne) and the pump compared to the MUFE HD pump was so much better (and still is!)

However... All of a sudden, without a change in soap, facewash, shampoo, etc., my face turned into a pizza. I haven't had such a skin crisis since I was a freshman or sophomore in high school. I'm talking white heads and red bumps all over. I'm not on my menstrual cycle and I haven't had a change in my birth control. The only conclusion I can come to for this massive breakout is the Photo Ready Foundation.

Also, my skin has turned beyond oily. I will wake up, take a shower, get out, dry my hair and straighten it, and within the 30 minutes I am out of the shower, I blot my face with an oil sheet, and it's filled with oil. It has never, ever done that until I started using this foundation!!

Therefore, this product has officially turned from a 9 to 4 out of 10...

Please note that everyone's skin is different and this is just my personal experience with Photo Ready. It may be awesome to others, but for me, this is a product that I'm not satisfied with.

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