Thursday, February 24, 2011

Michigan Blogger Meet Up TOMORROW! :) What to wear?!

I am SO excited for the Michigan Blogger Meet Up tomorrow and to get to meet and network with some great fashion/style bloggers from around the area! And, of course, the fashion show we're attending as well! I'm just going in between of what dress/outfit to wear. Anybody care to help? O:)

Dress #1: Just a plain, little black dress from Wet Seal I got back in '07. It rouches throughout, it's tight, and shows my booty nicely. In the pic below it looks REALLY short, but it was just starting to ride.

Dress #2: This is a dress I got last spring from Forever 21. It looks kind of hideous to some, but it's actually pretty, cool and unique. It had shoulder detail too, which I love, and it's a little above knee length. Should I rock the Springtime?

Dress #3: This is a dress I wore for New Years Eve. It's a one sleeved dress and I absolutely adore it. I got this from Forever 21 as well. Unfortunately, I don't have the shoes that match it up here at school, nor the earrings. :(

Outfit: I won this top (it is a TOP, not a dress) from a contest Whitney Port held on her blog last summer. :)  It also fits kind of awkwardly because it's a 4, which is my normal jean/dress size which is what she asked for. However, I have a small upper body. Also, the top actually cuts off where the black begins. That piece where the black lace starts is actually an add-on or a skirt, I'm not really sure why they did that..I'd probably have to wear it with black leggings and then go out and buy a pair of nude heels.

 So what do you guys think? What should I wear?! Help me out! :)

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  1. i read about your blogger meet up at blonde bedhead and think its way cool that you get to do something like that. i live in israel and need to find more israeli bloggers to meet up with because i think its so cool how our shared hobby can bring about friendships.