Thursday, February 24, 2011

Inspired by Belle ♡

Today, as I was getting ready. I noticed that I kind of looked like Belle from Beauty and the Beast! See the pictures and how I did it after the jump. :)

Today I curled my hair (not so well) with a straightener, then decided to do simple brown eye makeup, soft and innocent. Then I was playing with my hair a little. I gathered my hair into a pony tail, and used about an inch thick piece of hair to wrap around the pony tail, then secured with a couple of bobby pins. I then threw a bow in there. I didn't have a baby blue bow, but white was good enough. I then put a Rose-pink lip liner on as a liner and filled in my lips as a base, then a nude lipstick on top to get her kind of dusty-rose lips. Then, viola! I had a Belle inspired look. The pictures really don't do me much justice, but here is what I had :)

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