Friday, September 2, 2011

Tortoise & Blonde Glasses

Hey everyone!

Sorry that I have been so absent lately. I've had a lot going on since I've been back from New York, including going back to school and getting all four of my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday. :(

Anyways, as some of you may know, I am the Intern Queen Campus Ambassador for Ferris State. One of my favorite perks of holding the position (other than it looking great on a resume) is some freebies I get.

For years now, I've been wanting a pair of glasses. I have perfect vision, but I've always loved the way glasses looked on me. I never wanted to spend the money on frames or anything like that though, so I never got them. I have been procrastinating buying a pair of glasses on Warby Parker for $100, but then Intern Queen paired up with Tortoise & Blonde, another sunglasses/eyeglasses retailer, and hooked the IQCAs up with a free pair.

After unwrapping, I seen the hard case with logo. Love.

After opening the case, I seen the slogan: One today, another tomorrow.
I was also welcomed with two guitar picks with the slogan and their logo,
a cleaning cloth, and of course, my Jermyn Fade to Grey glasses!

The glasses! I am so in love. I wear these all the time now and I get so many compliments on it. Even T&B retweeted my photo and complimented me on their Facebook page.

A big thanks to Intern Queen and Tortoise & Blonde for my favorite new accessory. I love these so much!

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  1. I see shy you want to wear glasses, you do look really attractive wearing glasses. So I am curious when you got your glasses and started wearing them of course you got loads of complements from everyone you know. But when they asked you what you need your glasses for what did you tell them? Usually admitting that they are only for fashion and that you don't really need glasses can sometimes get a bad reaction from others. Mostly any friends that actually need to wear glasses. This is from about 5 years ago and by now maybe you might even need glasses now but if you don't and you still like wearing glasses for fashion next time oyu get glasses I suggest you order them with a very weak -.50 prescription. This prescription won't bother your eyes at all and you will actually even see slightly better wearing your glasses and they won't do any harm to your eyes. Check out for glasses you can get great looking glasses for under $20.00 and that even includes AR coating (anti-reflective) (retired optician)