Monday, June 6, 2011

Prom... do you have it all?

I know that June has approached us, but for my high school, the big day is almost near. Do you have everything you need? Here's a list so you can double check:

1. Corsage and boutonniere: If not - get on that, stat! What's prom without a picture of your date putting the corsage on your wrist? Or, for me, a photo of me arguing with my date about putting his bout on.

Arguing. BAHA! We're great.

2. What about a small bag? This was my biggest mistake at prom. I had a camera, a cell phone, my student ID, blah blah blah, without a bag. I had a bag with me at the first prom I went to, but at my actual high school's prom - I didn't bring one (idiot). Skip your giant shoulder bag or cross body satchel and go get a small clutch or wristlet. What to put in it:

  • An extra tampon/pad - just in case! Your girlfriend may wind up starting RIGHT THERE in the bathroom, and you'll be her life saver.
  • An oil blotting sheet, if you have oily skin. This will save you when you start feeling greasy, and you don't want to look greasy in photos!
  • Extra gloss/lipstick if you need it.
  • A couple of bucks. Especially if you are getting a limo. Tip him/her at the end of the night, especially if they are awesome and take you to a 7-11 after the dance at midnight like mine did. This'll come in handy for after-dance snacks - like a slurpee!
  • And of course, phone, camera, student ID, etc.
3. Jewelry. This is obvious, but I kind of forgot about this until the day of. Oh, and make sure you have it in. I lost one of my earrings before prom even started. I had to go earring-less all night, and it sucked. Those earrings really added to the look I was going for, and then that look kind of disappeared.

Sticking earrings in. Didn't lose these ones, just the cool ones from the other
prom. They were gold leaves, going toward a Greek Goddess look.

4. Makeup. A lot of girls buy special makeup just for this day. But, have you tried it out? Try practicing the look you're going for at least once before you actually have to do it. If you have sensitive skin, this is a must. Not all makeup is the same! It would be a shame if your mascara or glittery eyeliner gave you an allergic reaction or something, forcing you to skip out on makeup, or have to suffer with it on all night. Don't let that be you. Oh, and don't forget - look like yourself! Don't try to be a clown just because it's prom. There is nothing worse than seeing the girl who never wears bright blue eyeshadow and thick eyeliner doing just that on the day of her prom.

A couple more tips for you guys:
  • Don't turn prom into a make-out session with your boyfriend or crush. It's unattractive for everybody around you, and you really need to soak the prom experience in. After you graduate, chances are, you won't be going to another one. On that note, please don't be the 20-year-old in the future who goes to prom...
  • If you are going to get tipsy before, don't. Chances are, a lot of high school kids have tried before and succeeded. Now, people (aka your teachers and principal) are smarter than that. A lot of schools make you take a breathalyzer before prom and all-night parties. You would spend all that money on the dress, shoes, limo fee, flowers, and time just to not go. Better be safe and just not do it. I went sober (both times) and I had a blast.
  • If you are going to get tipsy afterwards, be smart. Don't drink and drive. Cabs and limos are for that reason - so you DON'T drink and drive. For a cab, call 411 on your phone, ask them for a taxi, they'll hook you up.
    • Also... come on. Don't publicly post on Facebook: "Prom After Party at 101 Jefferson St at Christy McDonald's house! Bring money and my brother is gonna go buy for us. We're gonna have beer pong and we're gonna get WASTED!!!!" Yes, I seen one.. a PUBLIC event that ANYBODY can see and RSVP to. Cops have Facebook accounts too, along with people that don't like you. And we all know catty high school kids are out to get one another. Yes, they will call the cops impersonating a "neighbor" and say "I think there is underage drinking going on at 101 Jefferson... It's loud and annoying." Then, you're screwed. And it all could have been prevented if you didn't want to be an idiot on the internet. </rant>
  • Most importantly: have fun. :) Don't be tied down with one group of people all night. Dance with everybody you can. Take A MILLION pictures. This is the last chance you'll have to really hang out with everybody from your class again. Some of the people I remember taking pictures with at prom and hanging out with at prom - I haven't seen since prom - 2 years ago. Soak it in, and don't take this all for granted. Once you're taking 300-level classes in college and you have all this hard work to do, you'll be begging to go back to your senior year.
Have fun at your prom, everybody. :) I hope these tips helped you out, even just a little bit! Here are some pics from my prom:

All the girls in the limo with me, and my best friends!
Me and my date, Casey, on the red carpet

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