Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Life in the Big Apple!

Hey ladies and gents! Just a teensy update of what's been happening lately. I've been keeping busy on my Look, I Model! blog for my internship, and I've been exploring the city a ton.

Alex and I have been on so many adventures since we've gotten here, including going to 5 tapings of the Newlywed Game, the 16 and Pregnant: Adoption Special, going to the set of Men in Black 3, and visiting Coney Island Beach! We even went to church at the Brooklyn Tabernacle and had a great time. :) This weekend, we'll also be working the Kimberly Ovitz Sample Sale.

 I wish I had a lot of pictures to show, but I don't. From now on though, best believe I'll be taking MANY of them. I need to document this!

Anyways, I hope to be doing a couple of tutorials or something soon. I hate neglecting my beauty blog! In the mean time, I have been doing a lot of outfit compilation and makeup how-tos for the Look, I Model! blog. Please go check it out and follow! I'm working hard on it. :)

Till next time beyouties,

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