Saturday, May 21, 2011

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty at the Met in NYC

Above is a small compilation of some of McQueens runways, including the models who look like they're flying, one of my favorites.

First of all, I want to start this post off with saying that I am not a keen follower of high end fashion designers. Do I love runway shows and high end fashion? Of course! But this growing love of mine for fashion just blossomed recently. Therefore, I never really did find the time or intrigue to discover Alexander McQueen.

McQueen is one of the most well known fashion designers on the planet, and his work is suited for on and off the runway. It's hard to describe his collections because what I saw tonight literally left me just... speechless.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) in NYC has been holding an exhibit dedicated to McQueen and his works of art, so when Ellie from citybrewed invited me and Alex to meet her there tonight for a little "McQueen For A Night" after party, we knew this was something we know we'd enjoy. Even though we never got to see Ellie :(

Now, I didn't know much about Alexander McQueen other than that was the designer Kate Middleton decided to go with for her wedding gown, and for those rounded high heels. And I've been to the Met before - I'm not the most artsy person, so I thought the exhibit would be kind of boring for me.

Let me start off with what happened when we got there.

Alex, Sam (our other roommate!), and I went into the museum and got into line to pay the donation to get into the exhibit. As I was waiting, a male employee pulled me aside and asked if I would do him a favor. Thinking he was just a creep, I asked him what he wanted. He said "Just come with me." and I trusted him, since he was clearly an employee. He told me "I'm getting you in for free" as he handed me a metal pin (an admissions ticket for the Met). I gratefully told him thank you, but then asked why me? He told me "Beautiful girls like you shouldn't have to pay to look at beautiful art. You're here for McQueen, right?" After introducing him to Alex and Sam, he escorted us upstairs to where we would enter the exhibit. He then handed us audio devices (an additional $5 each, which we all got for free), and explained to us of the long line of an hour and a half long. But, just because I decided to wear a dress and heels and curl my hair, he showed us to the very front of the line and let us in - no wait, no charge, and no "favors." I didn't even know what to say - I was just thrilled that somebody did something that awesome for me and my friends. Carlos was his name, and he was just happy to do something nice for us. There really are some good people in NYC.

After going into the exhibit, we started in a room with casual off-the-runway looks that I would DIE to wear to work one day. Blazers, jackets, trousers, dresses... They were all so wonderfully designed and beautiful to look at.

We then got into runway looks, where fabulous dresses and couture headpieces were displayed, along with clips of some of his runway shows which completely took my breath away. There were also video clips of some of his campaigns, including one with Kate Moss. Along the exhibit were also quotes given by McQueen.

I have never been so inspired by a runway show, let alone fashion in general. He has dared to step outside of the box and do something no other designer has ever done before. I literally stood there in awe just watching some of the amazing concepts and designs he came up with and brought to life. Amazing and captivating are the two perfect words to describe my experience there.

The after party downstairs was fun. We got to see the winner of a fashion design contest where the winner won a goodie bag of Savage Beauty treats, along with a fashion internship with Alexander McQueen. The winner, Paula Cheng's, dress she designed was so awesome and you can tell if must have taken her several months just to put it all together. She really deserved it.

We also got to hop in the photo booth, but pictures of those will be posted soon! For now, here are a couple pics of me and Alex.

Yeah, had to get a webcam shot. ;)

The Facebook event decided to go with something "McQueen inspired," so after
a little bit of research, I went with a colorful, eccentric print. This was all I had, and it
worked very well! I wish I had a killer headpiece of feather outfit to top it off though.
As for nails that night, I wanted something a little different. I decided that this would do my outfit and color fix some justice:

Sorry it's such crappy quality byt it's half and half with swirls. Tutorial coming soon!

Hope you all enjoyed. If you're ever in NYC from now until July 31 - go see McQueen at the Met. You will not regret it. Even Sam, our dude roommate who knows nothing about fashion, really liked it.

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