Friday, April 1, 2011

Online Shopping Haul!

I've been dying for new clothes - I haven't bought for myself anything since the Fall, and most of the clothes I got for Christmas were clothes for the warmer season. So, I decided it's time to spoil myself! Here is my recent order of stuff from Papaya, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe!

Papaya Clothing

Nobody has any idea how bad I NEED a black cardigan. Just a plain, simple, black cardigan. I don't want any detail besides the buttons! And I finally found one. This one was a steal from Papaya for $12.99, and I'm sure they're going to run out very quickly!

 I was looking around the sale items to see what they had, and they had an adorable, simple pair of black shorts in my size for $12.60! I'm such a bargain shopper ;-)

Forever 21
I had to get a pair of Oxfords! My collection really wouldn't be complete without them. I wanted a darker pair, but the darker pair had a different style and laces, and I preferred these. These were $24.80 from F21.

I wanted a plain black skirt for my tights that I've been loving lately (thanks to Alex!!). This one comes with a belt, and I figured without the belt in, the belt loops won't be too noticeable. This is on F21 for $17.80.

Yes, I finally gave into a romper. I couldn't pass this gorgeous blue color up (it comes in pink, black, and teal, too). Plus, it's a yellow tag discount for $10!

Charlotte Russe
Eeeeeee. :) Sheer polka dot tights is a trend I have loved seeing on tons of fashion blogs and on models. I had to have them. These were $6.75 at CR.

Someone at a family get together snagged my big, diamond studs, so I have to have new ones - I can't stand wearing my flowers everyday lol. The set of 3 pairs has diamonds, pearls, and bows. :) The best part, it was $4 for the set! I love cheap, cute jewelry!

I also got a top in the clearance section for $11.69. It's unavailable on the site though, I must have gotten one of the last ones! It's a black corset top with a huge, black, sequin bow on the top. Once I get it, I'm sure I'll have a picture of it up!

Unfortunately, I can't buy everything I love right now - I'm on a pretty tight budget right now! I have a house down payment to pay, as well as a big down payment on a NYC apartment! I can't wait to have some extra cash to buy some goodies on ModCloth! It's killing me to just window shop for that site!

Let me know what you lovely subscribers think of my little haul. Any ideas of what I can wear some of the stuff with? I would love to hear what you think!

xo, & have a great weekend! I'll be studying for 90% of it. D:

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