Friday, March 11, 2011

Amazing News ♥ & New Product Reviews!!

Sorry I haven't been posting OOTD or anything lately... First off, I've been a lazy bum because I've been on spring break. Also, I've been constantly searching for a place to live this summer!

Info on my exciting news & product reviews after the jump :)

Where, you may ask? Well, at first, I planned on staying in good ole Romulus, Michigan for the summer where I would either get a local internship or a job at Aeropostale while I took some summer classes. But, as of Wednesday, everything has changed. On Monday, I had a phone interview with Model Lounge NYC - a place where models can go in between their castings, photo shoots, fashion shows, etc. to relax. They offer complimentary massages, a room where models can practice their walks, a lounge with wireless internet and comfy chairs, all just to keep models comfortable and relaxed. They're sponsored and partnered by some amazing companies like Smart Water, Porsche, Vans, and UGG Boots!

After a nerve wracking interview and a day and a half of waiting, I finally got an e-mail back asking me to be a summer intern from May till the end of August. Finally, after applying to at least 25 summer internships, I got one that was going to totally change the direction of my career and life. During my internship, I will be maintaining the lounge, distributing merchandise to the models (such as UGG Boots!), help develop program ideas and marketing strategies, and also maintaining a fashion blog! Once it all starts happening, I will definitely leave you all the link to it so you can follow along.

I was so shocked to finally get an internship - especially such a great one in the Big Apple! If you guys are trying to find a summer internship, just apply and apply and keep applying until something happens. You're bound to get something. When Alex told me this, I really didn't believe it would happen and that I was going to be stuck in Michigan, but she was absolutely right. The sky is the limit, and you get what you put in.

We're looking for some affordable places to live while Alex, Ashley, and I are all interning there this summer. If you guys know of any places, please let me know!

New Products:
I got some new goodies since I've been home, and I plan on doing some reviews very soon. I purchased the L'Oreal Paris One Sweep Eyeshadow, Too Faced Primed & Poreless Primer, a NEW Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, and Eos Organic Lip Balm. I just got the primer and new MUFE yesterday and lip balm today, so give me some time to get some use out of them and give you guys a worthy review. :)

Good luck to you guys with your internship search! I promise, more posts will be on their way very soon.

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