Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Review: The Brush Guard

...And, no, I'm not talking about the weirdly shaped pieces of metal that you put on the grill of your truck!

The Brush Guard. I found out about these little guys from Michelle Phan last summer when she did a tutorial on how she cleans her brushes (which I use that method!). Shame on me, at that time, I never ever ever cleaned my foundation brush. O_O. However, after purchasing brushes and an eyeshadow palette from Coastal Scents, I decided to get them. Why I never did a review on these before is strange, but here it is!

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You can get the Brush Guard from Coastal Scents, or TheBrushGuard.com. They're extremely  inexpensive - a pack is only $5.50! They have different packs: a shadow/liner pack, blush pack, foundation pack, powder/kabuki pack, and a variety pack consisting of 1 shadow, 2 blush, 1 foundation, and 1 powder Brush Guard, which is what I have.

Pros: Of course, the price. You really can't beat it. It's also such a good way to dry your brushes after you wash them. If you leave an inch or so at the bottom, you can set them in a cup or glass so water from your brush goes to the bottom of the cup! Love it. Without the Brush Guard, I probably wouldn't wash my brushes, as gross as that sounds. How else are you going to save water from going inside of your brush?

Cons: I don't like using them for travel. They don't always fit my brushes snug, and if my brush moves around in my makeup bag or whatever, the Brush Guard may move up and cause the bristles to tug up and get tangled in the plastic weaving of the Brush Guard.

Overall:  All in all, if you don't have these, you need to get them! I give these a 9 out of 10, just because I'm not a fan of the storage system with them.

If you want to see Michelle Phan's brush cleaning video using the Brush Guards, click here. It's definitely good to watch! :)

Hope you enjoyed!
xo, Sam

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