Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Blood Nails

A blog ... ?! Whaaat?!
Yes, I'm back with a quickie tutorial. So sorry for the long break! This semester is killing me!

Bloody fingers! I remember reading that short story back in elementary school... But this is an awesome nail tutorial that you can do for Halloween, and even mix and match colors for a messy neon effect.

You'll need:
1. White polish (or base color)
2. Red polish (or other! Red is obviously for a blood look).
3. Q-tip or Tape
4. Nail polish remover
5. Small tube straw

How to do it:
1. Paint your nails the base color.
2. Tape around your nails if you'd like. Otherwise, you'll clean up around your nails with the Q tip and remover.
3. After the base is completely dry, take your straw and dip it into the polish. Be sure the tip has a film of the polish over the opening.
3. Position the straw over your nail. The closer you are to your nail, the larger the drops of splatter. The farther, smaller drops. You'll have to play with distances to get your liking.
4. BLOW! Be careful to not get polish all over your table or walls though!
5. Wait for them to dry. Since you may have thicker spots, it may take a long time to dry.
6. Clean up around your nails and apply a clear coat if desired.

Try this with neon colors splatter! Maybe even neon bases and white/black splatters or glitter splatters! 
Good luck, and Happy Halloween! :)

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  1. Those nails are super cool! I gotta try them next halloween.