Sunday, August 7, 2011

Goodbye teen!

Sorry for the major lack in posts - I've been crazy busy with work and all that nonsense. But this weekend has been amazing. On Thursday the 4th, I finally turned 20 years old :). It's so exciting for me to not be a teenager anymore especially because everybody out here mistakes me for being between the ages of 16 and 18... #annoying. Anyways, I had an amazing birthday! I was lucky enough to have Adam and his sister Angela come to visit the city for the weekend and get to do all the touristy things with me. We shopped like crazy, ate at some great restaurants, and went to the Museum of Natural History, the NY Aquarium and Coney Island. I even introduced them to Nathan's Hot Dogs, New York Chinese food, the subway, and the art of the black market.

I had such an amazing weekend. My birthday was great, and I got to wear my amazing dress I got from Zara.

 mind the messy room. O:)

dress: Zara
shoes: Forever 21
chunky ring: taken from Alex ;)
gold ring: Christmas gift from Adam

For my birthday, my awesome cousin Ashley (who is an avid reader of my blog, I guess!) got me a pair of TOMS Shoes! I was so happy when I read the label on the package since literally everyone and their dog has a pair of TOMS in New York. Angela got me a black and white striped skirt that I've been wanting for quite a while, and my mom sent me a package with crackers, snack foods, and some stuff she got from Kohl's. Adam decided to buy me some stuff while we were here, but I decided to get one thing that I had been wanting the entire summer: a New York Yankees fitted baseball cap. I've been wearing it constantly since I got it. 

X-ray on PhotoBooth is so creepy. lol

We went to the Roxy store and I seen this hat!
I had to try it on and get a picture. Too bad it was $129! :(

Until next time! xo

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  1. Happy birthday! That Zara dress looks great on you!