Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Weekend in Michigan ♥

For the past 5 days, I have been in Michigan spending time with the people that mean the most to me. After 7 weeks of not seeing Adam, my parents, and the rest of my family, I decided to spend the money to head on out there. :)

To see my mini-diary of the weekend, jump!

Thursday I got on my flight at 7 and was back home by 9:15. I had a rough morning with not getting my carry on zipped, not having my car show up, getting stuck in traffic, and being starving but too cheap to pay $10 for a juice and a granola bar at La Guardia. After my wonderful mother dearest came to pick me up, she made me some french toast. Unfortunately, it was the only home-cooked meal I had the entire time I was home. #sob. I had a hair appointment with my lovely Aunt Joy at 2:00 that day, so after spending a couple of hours in my amazing bed, I went off to get highlights and an eyebrow wax. When I got home, I anxiously waited for my prince charming to show up. After he did, I was surprised with a dozen pink roses and welcomed with the biggest hug ever. I missed him (and now that I'm back in NYC, I still do miss him) so much! Later that night, we went to Applebee's for half apps with my best friends from high school. It sure was a great way to spend my first day back.

Friday, I spent time bonding with my bed and relaxing. Once Adam got home from work, I went to his place to spend some time with his family. We ordered Chinese food, chatted about New York City, and then I went home. It was a laid back day.

Saturday, I woke up early to have breakfast with Adam's family and look for phone cases and for things for his sister's graduation party. When that was said and done, I went home and celebrated the holiday with my family. It was about 102 degrees, 98% humidity. That means I spent my day inside ;). Which was good, considering the day went from a literal hell on Earth to an outrageous thunderstorm with golfball sized hail. After Adam went home in that crazy weather, I spent time with my cute little cousin, Shelby, making keychains. It turned into me babysitting her, her 3 year old brother, my 2 year old baby nephew, and two other little boys that 1) I had no idea who they were and 2) were probably the most disrespectful kids I have ever been around. One of them asked if he could put me on mute, but I ripped him a new one after he said that. :) Don't get me wrong: I love kids just as much as the next girl, but I can't stand getting turned into a babysitter when somebody doesn't ask me or when their kids think they can try to run me in my house. </rant> lol.

Buzz Lightyear sunglasses. Cutest nerd ever!
Sunday I spent the majority of the day with my baby nephew, Nathaniel. We woke up in the morning, had a big breakfast, played, and went swimming. :) I cannot believe how smart he is - not even 2 yet and he can have conversations with you, knows some shapes, can count to ten, and so much more. He's so cute, I can hardly even take it! After we had a fun filled afternoon of swimming, coloring, talking about Buzz and Woody, and running around everywhere, we crashed on the family room floor for 2 hours. After our nap, Adam and I went on a double date to see Bad Teacher with my best friend and her new (and MUCH improved) beau. We all had such a blast and that movie was hilarious!

Cranky as soon as we pull the camera out. Two year olds...


Monday My parents and I were supposed to go out on a friends boat, but the plans fell through. Instead, we decided to go grocery shopping and out to lunch. When that was finished, we all came home where my parents left for my uncle's barbeque while Adam and I watched the Adjustment Bureau. It was awesome because I seen the Coffee Shop (Model Lounge is located downstairs in the Coffee Shop) in the film where she gets dropped off at from the M6 bus. Not to mention, that movie was up there with Inception. Unfortunately for me, when the movie ended, Adam had to go home. I was telling myself to not cry, but something inside of me just couldn't do it and I cried like I was never going to see him again for about 30 minutes or so. What can I say? I'm hopelessly in love. After containing my tears, my parents came home and my mom finally sat down and watched the Sex and the City movie (where I almost cried again). I'm dying to see #2 when I go home for good!

AJ :)

So now, after a 7:30am flight to Cincinnati, another flight from there to New York City, a painful $61 cab to work, no Chicken McBites at the McDonalds on this side of the country, a pretty much full day of work, a long subway ride home with heavy bags and no seat (and no people willing to give up theirs to a girl with an obnoxiously oversized bag on her shoulder who is about to have a heat stroke on the F train), 92 degree sun with no sunglasses, and walking into an apartment with dirty dishes in the sink and a serious need for a mopped floor and to get flooded with Febreeze... I'm back in Brooklyn for another 5 and a half weeks. But what can I say? I love New York, and chances are, I will never be living here again. Next summer, the city that never sleeps won't be in my plans or my price range.

...But Boston on the other hand, that's a whole 'nother ballgame that I've yet to discuss. ;)

Until next time beyouts!

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