Saturday, July 23, 2011

Flower Child

It's flipping hot in New York City. Yesterday was a high of 105 and today was a high of 100. Hence, no clothes, no heavy bags, and no cares with your hair.

top: Love Culture
shorts: Love Culture
earrings: Claire's
black jade necklace: bought in China. one of my favorite pieces.
ring: gift from Tieka :)
bag: handed down from Alex's boss

Sorry the pictures are so... yucky. lol. :(. We were in a hurry to get inside because we were sweating and dying from the heat and overstuffing ourselves at McDonalds. If you ever think you can down a 20 pc, a medium fry, and a chocolate shake, keep dreaming... We also went Salvating today at the Salvation Army and I got some great finds that I'll be sure to blog this week! It isn't much, but I love steals and deals. :)

Until next time, beyouties! xo

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  1. You are cute flower girl love your smile kisses..:)