Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

I spent a couple of days at home to celebrate Easter with my family and it was definitely time well spent. I spent Thursday with Adam and his family, mainly his sister, Angela, while they cut down some dead trees and dealt with one of them falling on the power line - oopsie! It was still such a relaxing time just sitting in his house with Angela and their new Rottweiler puppy. Friday we tried out Bagger Dave's in Novi, a popular burger place, then I came home to spend some time with my 1 1/2 year old nephew, Nathaniel. I'll try to upload a video of him coloring eggs! He was so excited - it was his first time!

Saturday, I spent about 2 hours playing with my makeup so I could get some ideas for Angela's prom makeup. I'd post pictures, but I want her makeup to be a secret until her big day. :) It's going to look so awesome though! After lots of makeup time, I went to dinner with my parents, aunt, and uncle to On The Border in Dearborn. For all my downriver followers, if you ever happen to head in there, be sure to ask for Dan! He may be an older guy, but he provides great service and is so nice! Don't you just love when you get a server like that? Especially when they cut you some deals? ;)

Here is my first ever outfit shot. Thanks to my momma for the shoot - she did a good job for a newbie. :) I can't wait to get to NYC so my roommates and I can do these all the time. Picture is in a part of my back yard, by the way.

Dress: Body Central
Cardigan: Papaya
Shoes: Deb
Earrings (bows): Charlote Russe
Necklace: I got it in China at a Jade jewelry dealer. Yes, it's REAL black jade! :)

Have a beyoutiful Easter Sunday everybody! And for the college students: good luck on finals! I have 5 last-minute tests this week along with 3 finals next week. Going to be a drag!


  1. love the polka dots! great picture...i never would have known it was your first outfit post by looking at it!

  2. Lovely first outfit shot! I adore those shoes...t-straps rock!