Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Re-Cap of #InternChat, 3/15

Tonight, the Intern Queen herself, Lauren Berger, hosted a Twitter chat of some common Intern questions. In case you missed, here is a re-cap.

1. How do you feel about students blogging in college?
Blogging is absolutely necessary for those in PR, marketing, communications, writing, etc. It's absolutely HUGE.

2. If you were to list one thing that would really impress you as an internship coordinator, what would it be?
A good cover letter. Be sure that it is personal and not just a generic one that you send to everyone. 

3. I want to start a blog. What do I blog about?
Blog about your passions, just don't turn it into a diary. If you blog about random things, you'll lose interest and things to talk about. If it's something you truly love and are driven for, you'll continue to grow with it. Also, be sure that it is professional. You never know who may view your blog! (I actually posted a blog a couple of weeks ago about Versa Manos, President of GORGEOUS PR. She read it and e-mailed me about it!)

4. Know of any great sites for business cards? Is it appropriate to have them as a recent grad?
 VistaPrint was a huge one mentioned. Business cards are becoming more and more frequent again for both students and recent grads. Be sure to ask your employer if they want one, don't just throw it at them.

5. Back to blogging. I have a blog - how do I get it out there and get people to read it?
Follow others and comment on others' posts with similar interests. Be sure it's a meaningful comment though. Don't spam people by promoting your site/blog - nobody likes that.

6. Other than @, what are some quality internship sites? 
Be sure to check out your campus career center - that should be the first place you go! They help build relationships for you and direct you into good places.  Also be sure to check this article out for links to the top 5 communities for your internship search! Lauren also said "don't just talk about internships - LAND THEM. Make things happen!" YouTern.com was another one mentioned in the chat!

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